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Magnum Foundation

Arab Documentary Photography Program

Announcing the launch of the ADDP website!

We partnered with Uncorked Studios to create a website showcasing the growing collection of projects from the Arab Documentary Photography Program. This site brings creative, personal, and in-depth stories from across the Arab region to the global public. Uncorked Studios is a product design and development company focused on the relationship between digital environments and the physical world.

Given the nature of the site, our collective team started the process with a clear driving goal — Respect the photo.

This starts by creating emotional link to the photos, the topic, and the artist, by emphasizing their work and not the site itself. Project pages are designed to showcase each artist’s narrative in a simple, elegant, and respectful way. Continuing this focus on elevating the photography, our team avoided common front-end tactics like aspect-filling or cropping images to fit a certain area. No matter the browser size or scale, the photography itself is shown in its intended way.

Read more from Uncorked Studios about their creative and technical strategies for prioritizing the aesthetic intentions of each project across format and media