Magnum Foundation

Magnum Foundation

Hi from the @magnumfoundation team! We’re taking over the #LOOK3Festival Instagram account for a couple hours as we begin our second day of installing #reframeclimate with @dysturb - check it out at 2nd NW & Water Street. 

“How do we become better stewards of the earth and our resources?”@owiseabuzaid listens to @edkashi #reframeclimate. Stop by to step into the frame and watch on @dysturb’s feed!

Where does a country of 100,000 go when its land disappears? Pasting @lens_pacific’s image from #Kiribati as a part of #reframeclimate 

Olkiramatian, Kenya. January 10, 2015. Masai Serem, 20, checks the soil moisture while his cattle drink. Climate change and the associated adverse impacts have meant that annual rains are no longer guaranteed in areas like this, exacerbating the long-term damage already caused by the high human and livestock demands on Kenya’s environment. By @ggkenya.

Wrapping up our second day of installing #reframeclimate. Be sure to check out the exhibit as you’re walking around the #look3festival this week and try the SMS interaction!

Thank you @look3festival for letting the @magnumfoundation team take over for a little while! We hope all you festival attendees get a chance to experience our #reframeclimate initiative with @dysturb and meet us at the Gallery Walk: Toast to the Artists on Friday evening 6:30-8:30. Peace!