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Open Call: Magnum Foundation Fellowship

Magnum Foundation is now accepting applications for our Summer and Fall fellowships. The Magnum Foundation Fellowship is designed for recent graduates of photojournalism and photography programs, providing mentorship and support at a critical moment in their careers. During the 10-week fellowship, fellows spend half their time working on Magnum Foundation projects and half their time producing their own in-depth photo story in New York City, examining an underreported or emerging issue.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with the Magnum Foundation team and our circle of advisors and grantees on a range of activities. Fellows will support projects and Magnum Foundation initiatives such as our Emergency Fund, Photography, Expanded, Photography & Human Rights, and BE SEEN programs. Please visit Magnum Foundation’s website to learn more about these programs.

Simultaneously, Fellows will create their own New York City-based photo story on a topic consistent with the mission of Magnum Foundation’s Emergency Fund, which is to “address critical issues that have not received the attention they deserve, or budding crises that are still over the horizon.” Fellows will develop a project proposal on an underreported topic that is directly relevant to groups or individuals in New York City. The Magnum Foundation team will provide editorial oversight throughout the fellowship and work with Fellows to edit, present, and distribute the work they create. Fellows will be encouraged to build relationships with their subjects in the field, seek partnerships with relevant organizations, and experiment with multimedia production. At the end of the fellowship, Fellows will present their completed project for publication on the Emergency Fund website.

To learn more about the fellowship, what application materials are required, and to apply online, please visit the following link: 

Apply Online Here


Sunny Vaahn, 25, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon, holds the refugee identification card of his family members. The photograph was taken upon their initial entry into a refugee camp after their arduous trek across the Thai border following the end of Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia. The family made the trek because they were told that there was food on the other side of the border. © Pete Pin, 2011 MF Fellow.


The fellowship is for recent graduates and graduate students only. Applicants must have either graduated from an undergraduate program within one year from the date they submit their application or will complete their degree prior to the fellowship start date - or - applicants must be currently enrolled as a graduate student or have completed a graduate degree within the last year.


Follows receive a $2,500 stipend, paid in biweekly increments.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and fellowships may be filled at any time. The ultimate deadlines for submissions for Summer and Fall are:

Summer — Friday, June 19
Fall — Friday, September 4


Wilfredo “Sugar” Gonzalez and her husband Luis San Oguel, both HIV-positive, are a same-sex couple living in the University Heights neighborhood of the Bronx. Sugar provides child care for parents in the neighborhood, which is among those with the highest unmet need for child care services in New York City, according to a study by the New York Child Care Resource & Referral Consortium. © Stephen Reiss, 2013 MF Fellow.


Q. Is the fellowship paid?
A. There is a $2,500 stipend for the fellowship.

Q. When is the start date for each Fellowship?
A. Each fellowship start date is arranged based on the Fellow’s schedule and our needs. Please visit the submission page for a ballpark time range for each fellowship.  

Q. Do applicants need to be U.S. citizens?
A. No, however, Magnum Foundation cannot assist or sponsor with any Visa arrangements. Applicants must already be in the U.S. and have permission to stay and work in the U.S.

Q. Do applicants need to be based in New York City?
A. No, however, Magnum Foundation cannot assist in relocating or housing Fellows. Fellows are expected to reside in New York City during the duration of the 10-week fellowship.


Delia painted her room in blue. “It was my favorite color sometime ago, now I want to paint it pink.” © Ruth Prieto Arenas, 2013 MF Fellow.