Announcing collaboration with Working Theater and Ed Cardona-La Ruta


Magnum Foundation is proud to announce its collaboration with Working Theater in the presentation of Ed Cardona, Jr.’s world premiere play LA RUTA. This unique collaboration will illuminate and clarify some of the central issues within the current immigration reform debate through a theatrical performance and accompanying photo-based installation.  La Ruta, will be staged within a semi-truck and will travel throughout NYC and it’s outer boroughs.

Magnum Foundation is organizing a photo-based installation outside the truck that will focus audiences on the experiences of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and will feature both award-winning Magnum photographers and young, emerging documentary photographers. Images from the renowned Magnum Photos archive will also be projected within the truck setting to illuminate the interior worlds of the characters. 

By using art as a tool for social engagement, Magnum Foundation hopes to engage audiences in the broader socio-political context of the immigration issue. See below for ways to get involved and take action.



a. receive updates from the border network for human rights:

b. get involved

c. donate to:

d. contact your elected officials to discuss immigration reform that addresses the unintended consequences of increased border enforcement.  



a. advocate for the elimination of the quota:

b. support the national prison divestment campaign: 



a. support the ny immigrant family unity project:
First state-wide universal representation program for detained immigrants facing deportation.

b. join the dignity not detention campaign to repeal mandatory detention and restore due process to immigration law. visit to read the 15 things you can do to stop mandatory detention.

c. join the campaign for prison phone justice:

d. get involved with the accompany immigrant program: or first friends visitation group:



a. advocate for raising the minimum wage:
The Center for Economic and Policy Research published an analysis that if the federal minimum wage had kept up with increased rates in worker productivity it would have stood at nearly $22/hr today. 

b. contact your elected officials
to discuss co-sponsorship of legislation that will raise the minimum wage and tie it to the rising cost of living.

c. drop the i-word: Take the pledge to not call people ‘illegals.’

d. support the nyc-based ‘paid sick time act’:


a. get active with the ny state youth leadership council:Sign up for their newsletter  
See ‘11 things you can do to help support the NY DREAM Act.’

b. contact your state elected officials to discuss co-sponsorship of the comprehensive NY DREAM Act, currently slated for June 2013.

c. sign the online ny dream act petition: 

d. donate to NYS Youth Leadership Fund, The Dream
Activist Network, 67 Sueños, or other immigrant youth-
led organizations advocating for more inclusive reform. 
Donate to a scholarship fund for undocumented students. 

Simone Salvo