Exhibition in Sardinia in partner with Werner and Marco Bischof of the MagnumTime project


Werner Bischof

Exhibition in Sardinia

Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro presents a large exhibition of Werner Bischof. The show is curated by his son Marco Bischof, the head of the MagnumTime project at Magnum Foundation.

Before embarking on his long journey throughout Asia, Werner Bischof made a stop in Sardinia in the early 1950s. The island, having recently benefited from Italian land reform and eradicated a deadly outbreak of malaria, was at the time unjustly considered backward. Bischof was surprised to discover the island’s bucolic beauty, and adapted his photographic approach immediately. Pride, humility, the sweet happiness of childhood: the wide range of emotions are reflected in the smiles, faces and poses that Bischof captures. Generations and styles blend together in this thorough portrait of a living land. He photographs the local geography and its inhabitants, inside and outside, at different hours of the day. The knowing looks of his subjects give Bischof’s images their power to arouse our empathy.

October 12th - December 3rd 2012

MAN_Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro

via S. Satta, 27 - 08100 Nuoro

Tel. 39 0784 252110



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