Call for 2014 Human Rights & Photography Fellowship applications


“Transnistria for me was more of a personal project. I was born in that place and attended school there. As many places, Transnistria was under pro-russian propaganda. I wanted to document this region traveling not to just a few villages and the capital, Tiraspol, as other photographers did. For me, it’s more than just an impact on an exotic place, but my past and experience I have gone through. My thinking changed since attending the Human Rights & Photography Fellowship. Classes with Susan Meiselas and Fred Ritchin helped me to develop my visual storytelling skills, pushed me to use photography not only as a showing tool, but as an analyzing tool. 

And now i see Transnistria as a more complex project with multiple stories that will remain in history as imagery of a country which will probably disappear soon. Immediately after returning home, I’ve re-edited all existing photos in color and scheduled the route with all the places that I should visit and where I can find stories. I want to share with local communities on both banks of the Dniester river about how is it to live in this forgotten country with no perspectives for future generations.”

-Ramin Mazur, Moldova, 2013 Human Rights Fellow

Applications for the 2014 Human Rights & Photography Fellowship are due December 9th. Click here to apply!

Simone Salvo