MagnumTime Interview with Russell Miller


Russell MillerMagnumTime

“Life magazine was fundamental to the concept of promoting journalism in a photographic way, covering major stories with more space diverted to pictures than to words. I mean most of the writers in Life magazine were essentially writing extended captions. They might be given a little block of say, 350 words and told to make the story fit exactly. The writers were nothing, it was the photographers who were calling the shots and were the big stars of the field…us scribblers were just extended captions writers, very unimportant. I think the advent of television began to change things very dramatically but still I don’t think anyone would argue that the kind of pictures, the memorable iconic pictures that Magnum photographers have brought back from assignment all over the world, will ever, ever be eclipsed by the moving image. I think television reporting now is highly sophisticated and can make use of the fact that almost everyone can shoot video on their mobile phones. Obviously photographers can’t compete with that and are suffering from disadvantages when compared to the instant media coverage from television. But there’s no doubt in my mind that a still picture. Often a black and white picture has more impact, more power and is much more memorable than anything you are ever going to see on a television screen.”

-Russell Miller, MagnumTime Interview in Brighton UK 2011

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