Arwa Alneami | Never Never Land

never never land.jpeg

Country of origin: Saudi Arabia
Project location: Saudi Arabia
Program: Arab Documentary Photography Program
Year: 2015

Signs state that the management ‘strictly forbids lifting your abaya...or screaming while on the ride. Offenders will be removed.’ Here I decided to start my project by taking the viewers with me on a journey to live and feel what is like for women in the theme park with all its fun and restrictions.

Still photography and video are used to present a powerful and original insight into leisure activities in Saudi Arabia. Through this approach I want to convey the same feelings I had during my visit, to let my audience get closer to understanding how these women enjoy themselves, despite the red line. The reaction to the work has been bittersweet. Many people have told me they find it humorous but discomforting, yet interesting to view.