Sagar Chhetri | Eclipse


Country of origin: Nepal
Project location: Nepal
Program: Magnum Foundation Fund
Year: 2018

The southern border of Nepal was created 150 years ago by external parties who probably did not realize they cut communities in two. In India, federalism has existed for a long time, whereas in the Nepali side, the ruling caste tried to unite all the peoples of the country to create one single Nepali identity. Among these communities are the Madhesi who, like many others, struggle with their identity.

Every time the Madhesi show their discontent, the government tends to resort to violent suppression, which results in feelings of detachment and radicalism among many Madhesi youth. The reluctance of the political class in the hilly capital city to acknowledge the authenticity of Madhes in the Terai plains certainly has no calming effect. This photo project, Eclipse, is an exploration of the core sentimental values upon which the Madhesi movement is based, and its hope for a more egalitarian and secure future.