Yuri Kozyrev | Yemen's Unfinished Revolution

Country of origin: Russia
Project location: Yemen
Program: Magnum Foundation Fund
Year: 2011

Yuri Kozyrev travesl to Yemen to document its possible position as “the next Afghanistan:” a nation threatened by   economic   instability,   al-­‐Qaeda   influence,   foreign military involvement, violent political rifts, a separatist southern province, Somali refugees, drug addiction, desertification, and its position as the poorest  population in the Arabian Peninsula. Kozyrev’s work anticipates what could be a large-­‐scale collapse of government, environment, and civil society in Yemen.


On May 24, 2011,Tom Finn recorded this extract on Yemen's uprising against it's 33 year ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Finn has been reporting from Sana'a Yemen since August 2010, and has worked as a stringer for Reuters, The Guardian as well as editor of the Yemen Times. Finn's audio recording has been set to Yuri Kozyrev's photographs.

Yuri Kozyrev has witnessed four revolutions during his coverage of Arab Spring represented in his body of work On Revolution Road. He has also documented revolutions in Egypt, Bahrain, and Libya.

A brief history of Change Square:

On the rise of violence during protests, culminating in the March 18th atrocities:

On the popular Yemeni past-time of chewing khat, a mild narcotic leaf:

The role of women during Yemen uprising:

Insights on Tawakel Karman, Yemen's Iron Woman and Mother of Revolution:

Analysis of youth movement during protests and the role technology played: