Ben Lowy | iLibiya: Libya's Growing Pain

Country of origin: United States
Project location: Libya
Program: Magnum Foundation Fund
Year: 2012

In February 2011, Libyan civilians orchestrated a massive uprising  against  the  42  year-­‐old  regime  of  Muammar  Gaddafi. Following the Egyptian and Tunisian revolution models, social media and mobile technology played a major hand in fueling the  Libyan  revolution.  When  a  full-­‐scale  war  between  Rebels and Loyalists erupted, curious civilians began to  document  the war with their mobile phones, instantly updating the world on events as they transpired. For eight months, the battle against Gaddafi has unified   Libyans of varied socio-­‐economic backgrounds. Ironically, the demise of  Gaddafi  has  eliminated  the nexus that bound these groups.  Whether these factions unite or fracture will determine if the new Libya will succeed or  fail.

Benjamin Lowy returns to Libya and photograph Libya’s Growing Pains with an iPhone.