Oscar Castillo | Our War, Our Pain

Country of origin: Venezuela
Project location: Venezuela
Program: Magnum Foundation Fund
Year: 2014

The violence in Venezuela has accounted for more than 150,000 homicides in the last ten years, and with the recent destabilization of the country following the death of longtime leader Hugo Chàvez, it only threatens to get worse.  Behind that alarming figure are thousands of destroyed families.  Venezuelan photographer Oscar Castillo has been documenting their stories for years. He will now continue that exploration by using his extensive network of contacts to present a multimedia compilation of photos and short films in which members of all strata of Venezuelan society share their experiences of how daily life has been upended.  He will document the principal actors in this ongoing drama: gang members and their families; survivors of violence and the organizations who give them a voice; and those young men and women who seek to leave violent gang life behind.