Showkat Nanda | The Endless Wait


Country of origin: India
Project location: Kashmir
Program: Magnum Foundation Fund
Year: 2016

There are hundreds of women who have been carrying the burden of Kashmir’s enforced disappearances. Mothers and wives of missing men often spend their entire life and all their possessions searching for their loved ones in jails, police stations, army camps and torture centers. The discovery of mass grave sites in recent years has brought more uncertainty to these women. Human rights groups put the number of disappeared persons somewhere between 6,000 and 8,000, most of whom went missing after they were picked up by Indian forces.

While some women are not able to cope with the unending pain and suffer from various mental disorders, others have refused to succumb to the notion of victimhood. Many of them, despite living with this unresolved grief, have struggled hard to raise and educate their children amid extreme social and financial challenges.