Stephen Reiss | Home in Mott Haven

Country of origin: Poland
Project location: Belarus
Program: Magnum Foundation Fellowship
Year: 2013

Home is a portrait of a unique American family.

According to a study by the WIlliams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA, same-sex couples in the Bronx are more likely to have children than those in any other NYC borough, and perhaps more than any other county in the country.

Eshey Scarborough and her partner Paris Harris run a foster home for at-risk youth in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx, one of the poorest congressional districts in the country. The children come from families where they have been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused. Some have been incarcerated for petty crimes, gang-related issues, or were born addicted to drugs.

Stephen Reiss is a social documentary photographer born in New York City in 1981. He received his undergraduate degree in English and Biology from Skidmore College in 2003, and worked in the field of medical communications before turning his attention to photography in 2009.  

Stephen graduated from the Documentary Studies and Photojournalism Program at the International Center of Photography in 2009, where he was awarded the John and Annamaria Philips Foundation Scholarship for Photojournalism. 

He participated in the Eddie Adams Workshop XXIII, LOOKbetween, and received a Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Fellowship in 2013 for his long-term work on foster care in the South Bronx. He received an NPPA Short Grant in 2015.  

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