M'Hammed Kilito | Among You

Country of origin: Morocco
Project location: Morocco
Program: Arab Documentary Photography Project
Year: 2019

This project is a reflection on the choice of a personal identity for Moroccan youth based on a selection of portraits of young people who take their destinies into their own hands.

These individuals have the courage to choose their own realities, often pushing the limits of society further. Whether through their creative activities, their appearance, or their sexuality, they convey the image of a young Morocco - alert, changing, claiming the right to be different and celebrating diversity.

These young people, whose minds embody the resistance of a palm tree - a tree adapted to the harshest Moroccan climatic conditions - defy the conservative and traditional norms of Moroccan society on a daily basis. They cultivate their private oasis despite the obstacles they encounter in a country that they feel is not progressing at the same pace as they are, and they are inspiring others along the way.