Ravy Shaker | Letters to Moses

Country of origin: Egypt
Project location: Egypt
Program: Arab Documentary Photography Program
Year: 2019

This project is about an ongoing discussion between my wife and I regarding the kind of education we will choose for our son, Musa (Moses), as he approaches school age. Wafaa, his mother, is arguing for him to enroll the Azhari’s education, similar to the path she undertook. Al-Azhar is the largest and most renowned Islamic educational institution in the Islamic world. Wafaa wants our son to be brought up in this way. Whereas I, as Musa’s father, am arguing against him joining a religious education. I, too, have experienced religious education as a child when my parents relocated from Egypt to Saudi Arabia. This extremist education has had severe consequences on my life.

As a result of our discussions, my wife and I decided to translate this disagreement about our son’s education into letters we write to him, explaining each of our points of view and why each of us wishes for him a specific educational path. In this exchange, we talk about our personal experiences to deliver the project, Letters to Moses, and open up the discussion for readers to contribute to.

We hope to receive letters with opinions that support or comment on one position, following the religious education, or the other, following a secular education by writing to: letters.to.moses@gmail.com