Courtney Garvin | Here for a Good Time and a Long Time

Country of origin: United States
Project location: Turkey
Program: Photography and Social Justice
Year: 2018

I am currently working on a video and audio piece that looks at how sexual health, consent, and healthy relationships have been taught across four generations in my family. I am looking to encourage conversations that remove the taboo surrounding sexual health and to actively change how it's talked about. I have interviewed my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mom in New York, South Carolina, and Hawaii––and in turn they have interviewed me. I will be expanding these conversations to include other members of my family, and am looking for spaces that foster interactive programs and resources around healthy sexuality and consent.

Courtney is a visual artist living in New York City. Primarily using portraiture and documentary photography, her work examines Blackness and the ways in which it has been and is portrayed across various mediums.

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