K. Flo Razowsky | Dwelling: The Architecture of Homelessness

Country of origin: United States
Project location: United States
Program: Photography and Social Justice
Year: 2018

My project is a visual exploration of the idea of “home” by looking at the architecture of homelessness and the ways we create home-type space through objects and belongings. Working with neighbors and friends experiencing homelessness in the Hollywood, East Hollywood, Koreatown and Pico Union areas of Los Angeles, California, this series allows us to dig into who has access to home, who is locked out, and what kind of realities could befall us. I am creating a place to ask questions, start an education,  and build on a conversation that will help forge a path towards housing as a provided right.

K. Flo approaches photography through relationship-building, using artistic practice to better understand localized social issues and impacted communities.