Sumeja Tulic | Travel Guide for Mama

sumeja tulic.png

Country of origin: Bosnia
Project location: United States
Program: Photography and Social Justice
Year: 2014

This travel guide is intended for my mom, who started wearing hijab some 25 years ago. Whenever I am away from home, somewhere West where the skyline isn’t dotted with tall mosque towers, I think of my mom and how she would feel where I am. Inspired by Wikitravel’s Guide for New York City, I developed a conceptual travel guide with advice, safety tips, and insights gleaned from interviews with dozens of women describing their daily experiences and encounters with discrimination while wearing hijab in New York.

The project was made into a book and shown at the Preus Museum in Norway as part of Bending the Frame, an exhibition curated by Photography and Social Justice Program co-founder Fred Ritchin.