Mari Bastashevski | 10,000 Things Out of China

mari bastashevski.jpg

Country of origin: Russia and Denmark
Project location: All around the world
Program: Abigail Cohen Fellowship
Year: 2016

10.000 things out of China —a Taoist way of saying: “everything that exists is produced”— follows the flow of select household commodities between the logistical choke points these objects pass before and after we own them. The work, that began in 2016 as a relatively simple ‘one-line-trajectory’ turned into a cacophony of polyrhythmic flows between forced mobility environmental shifts, material commodities, and libidinal signposts.

The work stretched from Istanbul to Shanghai, Los-Angeles, Pussan, Hong-Kong, Athens, Colombo, Nairobi, Dubai, Singapore, Kampala and included visual survey of hard-to-enter sites like Foxconn iPhone manufacturing, Penguin Printing Factory, Zara and Victoria factories (many of which are constantly moving themselves) Jebel Ali free port, CCCC and Cosco construction sites and Harbour Engineering amongst others.