Magnum Foundation

Arab Documentary Photography Program

Photo by Tasneem Alsultan

The Arab Documentary Photography Program is an initiative that provides support and mentorship to photographers from across the Arab region.

The Arab Documentary Photography Program (ADPP) is a program jointly funded by the Prince Claus Fund and The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, to support creative documentary photographers in the Arab region. The focus of the ADPP is to amplify compelling non-stereotypical and unconventional visual documentation of important social issues and narratives relevant to the Arab region.

The program’s objectives are: (1) to raise the level of creative documentary photography in the Arab region, (2) to train photographers and expand their approaches to visual storytelling, (3) to share strong visual narratives from the Arab region regionally and internationally, and (4) to explore wider access to documentary photography and a more active engagement with its audiences.





Hadeer Ahmed, Loss, Egypt
Mostafa Bassim, Post-revolutionary Social Change in Egypt, Egypt
Nadia Bseiso, Infertile Crescent, Jordan
Youcef Krache, El Houma, Algeria
Mehdy Mariouch, Bribes de Vie, Morocco
Roy Saade, Dalieh; On the Edge, Lebanon
Muhammad Salah, Who Said White Is Better?, Sudan
Sara Sallam, Hide and Seek, Egypt
Carmen Yahchouchi, Beyond Sacrifice, Lebanon



Arwa Alneami, Never Never Land, Saudi Arabia
Tasneem Alsultan, Saudi Tales of Love, Saudi Arabia
Mohamed El Fatih Hamadain, Gold Madness, Sudan
Elsie El Haddad, Stranded: On Life After Imprisonment, Lebanon
Hicham Gardaf, Intersections, Morocco
Mustafa Saeede, Division Multiplied, Somalia
Eyad Kasem, A Small Forest on The Other Side, Syria
Heba Khalifa, Homemade, Egypt
Ahmad Mousa Qasem, Awaiting Their Dead, Iraq
Zeid Romdhane, West of Life, Tunisia



Amira Al-Sharif, A Love Song to Socotra Island, Yemen  
Eman HelalJust StopEgypt
Faisal Al Fouzan, Friday Gathering, Kuwait
Hamada El Rasam, Traces of the Conflict, Egypt
Natalie Naccache, Our Limbo, Lebanon
Omar Imam, Live Love Refugee, Syria
Reem Falaknaz, The Place of Perpetual Undulation, UAE
Samar Hazboun, Beyond Checkpoints, Palestine
Zara Samiry, Tales of the Moroccan Amazons, Morocco