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Magnum Foundation Fellowship

Photo by Cinthya Santos Briones

The Magnum Foundation Fellowship offers mentorship and stipends to early-career practitioners who are at a critical moment in their development as photographers. This fellowship is designed for New York City-based photographers to work in the Magnum Foundation office while also developing their own photographic project in the city.



During the fellowship, fellows produce an in-depth project local in New York City that demonstrates a commitment to social issues and community based work. Fellows are encouraged to build relationships with their subjects in the field, build partnerships with relevant organizations, and experiment with new narrative forms and storytelling techniques. Fellows receive mentorship and project development support from Magnum Foundation staff and extended network throughout the duration of the fellowship.

In addition to producing a project, fellows work in the Magnum Foundation office. They are considered an integral part of the team and are expected to make significant contributions to the day-today work we do at Magnum Foundation. The fellows work on range of projects in the New York office including research on social issues, exploration of emerging technologies and platforms, multimedia production, and event production. Candidates should have expertise in at least one of the following areas: video production, graphic design, emerging technology, and research. Candidates will be paired with Magnum Foundation projects according to their expertise and interests.


We are currently accepting applications for the spring session of the Magnum Foundation Fellowship, which runs from February–April, 2019.


Fellows by Year


Mengwen Cao
Groana Melendez



Liz Sanders
Christian Padron



Jessica Bal
Cinthya Santos Briones
Sumeja Tulic



Jasper Briggs
Sara Hylton
Alex Scott



Rahima Gambo
Brock Stoneham
Nic Tanner



Ruth Prieto
Stephen Reiss
Yeong-Ung Yang



Adrian Fussell
Alexis Lambrou
Mimi Schiffman
Emine Ziyatdinov



Pete Pin