The Blood and the Rain


On view at Photoville
September 13–17 & 21–24
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Free and open to the public!

We’re pleased to present The Blood and the Rain at this year’s Photoville. The Blood and the Rain is a multimedia collaboration by brothers Yael Martínez (photographer) and Orlando Velázquez (graphic artist), produced as a part of our pilot program centered around interdisciplinary collaboration

Inspired to seek connection with their roots and cultural history, Yael and Orlando sought out ancestral communities in their native Guerrero, Mexico. Over time, they were welcomed to experience long-held indigenous spiritual traditions and ceremonies. Because the rituals themselves are not allowed to be photographed, Yael and Orlando found ways of documenting and honoring the community’s cultural expressions without exposing or violating them. Combining photography with drawing, they have generated a new visual form that portrays the physical and metaphysical layers of the rituals and the relationships that exists between the people, their gods, and nature. More here.

Simone Salvo