Don’t miss the AWAKE Reading Room, Book & Zine Bazaar with @10x10photobooks


Feminism, queer and gender studies, global capitalism, climate & environment, political theory, war, police and prisons, race and black studies, radical education, justice, liberty, and equity, and and and 🗯

Join us TOMORROW at the Awake Reading Room, Book & Zine Bazaar with @10x10photobooks! We’ll be joined by @archive_of_modern_conflict, @redhookeditions, @bluestockingsnyc, @bppzines and more. Free-the-Image-and-Free-the-Speech!

Saturday, June 17

59 East 4th Street 7th floor

12-7 PM


Don’t miss the AWAKE Reading Room, Book & Zine Bazaar with @10x10photobooks THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 17 from 12-7 PM. Stop by our space in the #EastVillage to browse over 100 books from the 10x10 moving library on political and social protest, and buy books and zines from independent presses, publishers, and collectives like @bluestockingsnyc @aperture @3dotzine @interferencearchive @redhookeditions and @bppzines.

59 East 4th Street, 7th floor. See you there!

Image from @lademiddel’s This is What Hatred Did, presented by @archive_of_modern_conflict


Come through THIS SATURDAY, June 17, from 2-7pm. Pick up “Cats Hate Cops” by radical collective Research and Destroy as well as other zines and photobook materials around themes of liberty, resistance, and protest.
The AWAKE Reading Room, Book & Zine Bazaar is a collaboration with @10x10photobooks featuring over 10 independent publishers, makers, and lovers of the printed form. We’re located in the #EastVillage at 59 East 4th street.
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Simone Salvo