Grantee Iman Al-Dabbagh reflects on ADPP

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“I’ve been doing documentary photography for a few years but ADPP and the mentorship of Tanya Habjouqa added the depth to my work that was necessary for more daring storytelling. I will always be grateful to all 4 mentors, everyone at the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Magnum Foundation, the Prince Claus Fund, and my fellow grantees for opening up my mind in ways that I’ve wanted and in ways that I had not imagined, as well. I have to also add that I’ve made great friendships at ADPP,” says grantee Iman Al-Dabbagh.

APPLY BY MAY 1ST to the Arab Documentary Photography Program, in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture!

Mariam bravely biking around her neighborhood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, an activity considered normal in many parts of the world for a female but “3eib” or inappropriate/shameful in Saudi. From the series “Not 3eib” about artists and social taboos. Mariam doesn’t think of what she does as taboo, though, because that holds negative weight to it. She doesn’t do what she does to defy any system either, “it’s not about the statement, it’s about the journey and enjoying it.”

Simone Salvo