Recap of #ReframeClimate with #Dysturb at LOOK3 Festival

Are you in #Charlottesville? Be sure to stop by the wall of the Violet Crown Theater to see its transformation for our #reframeclimate campaign! We've just pasted the last image, which was taken by Ian Teh (@iantehphotography)/ Panos Pictures (@panospictures). In this video, the photojournalist speaks about the story behind his image of a coal power station in #China. The caption of his image: Tonghua, Jilin Province, China. Winter 2006-2007. Workers from a nearby coal power station and steel plant return home. In the distance is a new cooling tower that has just been erected. Due to China’s rapid industrialization, the country is expected to add a 600-megawatt plant every 10 days for the next decade. China has been the biggest emitter of CO2 since 2007. Recently, it produced 7.2 tonnes per person in comparison to the EU’s 6.8 tonnes, whilst the US produced 16.5 tonnes per person. The United States, the European Union, China, the Russian Federation and Japan, together contributed to two-thirds of the world’s historic CO2 emissions from 1850 to 2011, according to the World Resources Institute. ________________________________________ @magnumfoundation @look3festival @itp_nyu @yalefes @everydayclimatechange #reframeclimate #look3festival2016 #magnumfoundation #photojournalism #powerstation #steel #steelplant #industrialization #co2 #emissions #EU #europeanunion #US #unitedstates #globalwarming #climatechange

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