Immersive Media Lab


Held in collaboration with the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, the Immersive Media Lab provided 17 documentary photographers hands-on experience with a range of immersive storytelling tactics and in-depth discussion about the ethical concerns and narrative possibilities of such storytelling. 

The two-day workshop was designed to expose photographers to new technologies and exemplary case studies, while challenging individuals to develop their own immersive story project. By mixing theory with real application, participants learned how they might integrate immersive storytelling into their practice and what that means for their subjects, audience, and impact.

While the lab was project-based, the goal was to foster an engaging conversation about immersive media and how it relates to documentary photography. Participants honed hard skills related to 360 photography, videography, and editing, and gained increased clarity on the narrative ramifications of immersive media


Virtual Reality Project Screening


Marcelle Hopkins leads an intro to 360 filmmaking workshop.


Dan Archer of Empathetic Media held a workshop focused on theory and project mapping.


360 shooting experiment.


Participants screen their work.

Simone Salvo