PhotoEx Symposium: PhotoEx Fellowship Presentations

Magnum Foundation’s 2015 Photography, Expanded fellows, Zun Lee, Peter DiCampo and Lisa Riordan Seville and Zara Katz, had an opportunity to share their in-process work with the PhotoEx community at this year’s symposium. 

Lisa and Zara have been working with women who have incarcerated loved ones to develop their project, “Women on the Outside.” Peter DiCampo’s project, “What Went Wrong,” documents failed international aid projects across western and sub-Saharan Africa. And Zun Lee is focusing his work on African American vernacular photography, creating an archive of found Polaroid images called “Fade Resistance.” 

The presentations were introduced by Michael Krisch of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, with follow up Q&A moderated by Wendy Levy of NAMAC.

Read more about Magnum Foundation’s Photography, Expanded Fellowship here.

“Women on the Outside” in-process presentation by Zara Katz & Lisa Riordan Seville

“What Went Wrong” in-process presentation by Peter DiCampo

“Fade Resistance” in-process presentation by Zun Lee

Panel Discussion moderated by Wendy Levy

Simone Salvo