A Growing Network: Human Rights Fellows Connecting

2014 Human Rights Fellow Abbas Hajimohammadi was recently in Yerevan to apply for a U.S. visa in order to travel to Denver for his upcoming exhibition with David Burnett at the Vicki Myhren Gallery.

While in Yerevan, Abbas followed up on a mutual friend’s recommendation to connect with Karen Mirzoyan, 2010 EF Grantee and also a former MF Human Rights Fellow from the program’s inaugural year. Karen runs Mirzoyan Library, which Abbas describes as a “gallery-like library.” He invited Abbas to present his work at the space. “I loved that because we have both been a part of the Magnum Foundation family,” said Abbas.

“You know, meeting and talking a HR Fellow is always fun and good because you see someone who has the same concerns as you do -someone who seeks to better the conditions by photography or show unseen things to other people to help them start to make change. So, you never feel any conflict with him/her in terms of photography issues and concerns.”

Abbas presented three of his projects, including work created during his summer fellowship in New York

As we ready ourselves to announce the selected Fellows for the 2015 Photography & Human Rights program, Abbas’ update evinces the camaraderie and shared values that span both years and countries. This global network continues to grow and evolve with each year’s roster of passionate, creative storytellers and social justice advocates.

Simone Salvo