Bus-kkun at DOCfield>14

Most of the seats on the daily buses from Flushing, Queens to the Sands casino in Bethlehem, PA are occupied by Korean and Chinese immigrants, many of whom do not even gamble. Often homeless, in poor health or out of work and out of options, bus-kkun (bus riders in Korean) make the trip solely to re-sell casino coupons on the black-market. The buses, the waiting rooms and the casino itself become places to sleep, pass time and make it through another day. “The casino is a kind of place that can bleed you dry of everything,” says 57-year-old Chun Hae-Young. “It can also save your life when you have nothing.”


On June 19, Bus-kkun, a multi-media piece by 2013 Magnum Foundation fellow Yeong Ung-Yang, will permeate the streets of Barecelona in the last of the al-fresco night-time screenings of DOCfield>14.

The second annual edition of Documentary Photography Barcelona is three months of collaboratively organized and curated photographic presentations for the public. The festival activities, free of charge, celebrate the social value of photojournalism and the documentary.

Simone Salvo