Crónica21 Archive: Building A Picture of the Present

Crónica21 is a Spain-based photography archive built for the common interest in a time of deepening economic, political and social crisis. In an effort to inform and mobilize, the project continually feeds new and existing work to the people of Spain to begin answering a fundamental question: where can we go from here?


The Pigs, Carlos Spottorno

Crónica21 draws on the model so famously instituted in the Farm Security Administration’s (FSA) photography programs as a part of US President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation. Much like the iconic FSA documentation of the Great Depression, Crónica21 is driven by the conviction that being informed is the catalyst for creating change.

While actively maintaining the archive, the team behind Crónica21 aims to also promote the production of new, in-depth documentary photography, video, illustration, text, and audio on the present crisis and how Spaniards are seeking solutions.

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Simone Salvo