EF Grantee becomes Magnum Photos Nominee

The Magnum Photos 67th Annual General Meeting brought together the agency’s staff, estates and photographers – many of whom participated in our Secrets benefit! We’re delighted with the news that 2010 Emergency Fund Grantee Sohrab Hura is Magnum’s newest nominee.

Hura’s powerful Emergency Fund project addressed poverty in rural India, honing in on Pati, a mountainous desert area that was once lush and green before decades of drought and deforestation. Pati’s informed and active “peoples union” makes it a unique place in a country plagued by corruption and unmoved local jurisdiction.

In 2005, India levied The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act to assure each and every household in rural India 100 days of employment per year. The residents of Pati have mobilized in efforts to hold the government to their word.


Hura later returned to Pati to install 5 public exhibitions throughout the villages where foot traffic was highest. The exhibitions were featured in conjunction with a public discussion about community health issues.


MF celebrates Hura’s latest achievement and his commitment to working on critical issues.

Simone Salvo