Eric Gottesman's Note from the field

ERITREA - Friends in Asmara told me that if I ever want to return I should go home and write something nice about Eritrea. But how could I top what Baalu Girma has already written?

The braids of the Northern beauties dance to the rhythm of Asmara’s palm trees and arouse one to follow. I wish to be sheltered by those palm trees and braids for just a fraction of a moment, to breathe and lay on my back and gaze upon a shining star in a clear moonlit sky. I long for the time when we can resolve human conflicts with sweet conversation. I long for peace.

With Baalu’s words in mind, I shot these video sketches during my first visit there earlier this month.

Eric Gottesman, 2012 Emergency Fund Grantee

(Here is a link to the first part of this video series)

Simone Salvo