Grantee Laura Morton takes over The New Yorker's Instagram feed

Last week 2014 Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grantee Laura Morton took over The New Yorker’s Instagram feed, posting photos from the San Francisco Bay Area where she is currently in the field working on her Emergency Fund project, Wild West Tech.

Morton’s Instagram chronicle invites us into the vibrant and quirky world of young dreamers aiming to strike it big in the start-up gold rush.

From Laura via Instagram:

Good morning from San Francisco. I’m Laura Morton, a documentary photographer currently working on a long term project on the Bay Area’s tech boom. Young people from around the country and beyond are flocking to San Francisco with dreams of building a successful start-up. I’m working on this project, Wild West Tech, thanks to a grant from the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund. This week I’ll share with you dispatches from San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. 

Simone Salvo