Magnum Foundation presents installations at Photoville



The Magnum Foundation is currently presenting two container installations at Brooklyn’s Photoville, both examining the meaning of ‘home.’ Be sure to check out Bruce Gilden’s container on Foreclosure in America and Sim Chi Yin’s container on Beijing’s Rat Tribe.

Gilden’s project was funded in part by the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grant. The container is surrounded by enlarged contact sheets from four of Gilden’s trips across America and features his Magnum in Motion pieces inside the container.

The MF is also seeking perspectives on Foreclosures. Share your story on cowbird and tag with “Foreclosure.”

Sim Chi Yin, VII Mentor Program, was a Magnum Foundation Human Rights Fellow in 2010. Her container features work from her series Rat Tribe, giving an inside look at Beijing’s underground inhabitants.

Photoville will be open from Thursday to Sunday:

Thursday June 28 - 4pm - 10pm
Friday June 29 - 4pm - 10pm
Saturday June 30 - 11am - 10pm
Sunday July 1 - 11am - 7pm

There is a large array of other excellent container exhibitions including “Tent Life: Haiti” presented by Open Society Foundation featuring Wyatt Gallery’s images. Be sure to make Wyatt Gallery’s artist talk at 2:45pm - 3:45pm, “Using Your Photography to Make A Difference.” Also check out “Cruel and Unusual” curated by Hester Keijser and Pete Brook and Brooklyn-based photographer Russell Frederick’s “Dying Breed: Photos of Bedford Stuyvesant.” 

Click here for more information on Photoville.

Simone Salvo