Magnum photographer John Vink releases new iPad app


Magnum photographer John Vink has just released new iPad app for his decade long documentary of Cambodian land issues. This app beautifully integrates reports, articles, and 700 images to create a comprehensive history of the complex Cambodian struggle for land. 

Download this app here

“Quest for Land” is a comprehensive photoreportage about land issues in Cambodia over a time span of more than 10 years. Photojournalist John Vink, a member of the renowned agency Magnum Photos, has been covering Cambodia since 1989 and is based there full-time since 2000. He has singled out what probably is the most important issue in this country recovering at a very fast pace from the Khmer Rouge era. That speedy recovery in an unbridled market economy highlights issues which are common to many developing countries.’

The iApp contains over 700 photographs in 20 chapters covering land grabbings and their consequences, slideshows with sound tracks, a series of texts written by former Phnom Penh Post editor and journalist Robert Carmichael, and links to a number of reports about land issues put together by local and international Human Rights organisations.

Simone Salvo