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The ruins of Loe Sam, a small village in the Bajaur Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. December, 2008. Teru Kuwayama. 


“In a world of billions of cameras, I’m not sure what ‘documentary photographer’ really means,” says Teru Kuwayama, who is well known for creating online community platforms including Lightstalkers and Basetrack. “We live in the most recorded era of human history, so photographers should ask themselves what value they add to a very densely populated ecosystem.”

That is one of the big questions presenters will tackle at Photography, Expanded: Interactive and Multiplatform Strategies for Photographers, an intimate conference presented by Magnum Foundation and Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project taking place in NYC this weekend.

“We want to inspire documentary photographers to expand their storytelling beyond the still image, to use emerging digital tools to engage audiences across multiple platforms and to mobilize them around important social issues,” explains Emma Raynes, Emergency Fund Program Director for Magnum Foundation.

Although the seats for Saturday’s conference are filled, notes and resources from the event will be available here: http://www.magnumfoundation.org/photoex.html

And since the questions being tackled by Photography, Expanded are hardly small ones, everyone is encouraged to keep track of #PhotoEx on Twitter, for updates from the event, to take part in the discussion, and for resources after this weekend. 

-Miki Johnson, blogging for #PhotoEx

Simone Salvo