MagnumTime Interview with Chris Steel-Perkins


Chris Steel-PerkinsMagnumTIME 

“…maybe you’ll find a photographer who tells you that, but I don’t’ think anybody at Magnum sort of thinks ‘oh because my photography is great it’s gonna change the world per se”; but I think everybody believes that their photography is worth something and you know that it might affect individuals in certain ways and I think we probably all got experiences of it doing that to some extent. You know making little shifts and movements that are hopefully for the betterment of the world in some rather nebulous way, rather than to making it a worse place. I think that’s a common sense that most people in Magnum have you know. I mean that old discredited notion, or by some people discredited notion, of the ‘concerned photographer’ I think that’s still out there you know. “

 - Chris Steel-Perkins, MagnumTime Interview in London, UK 2011

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