Magnum Foundations announces 2012 Emergency Fund grantees!

The Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund (EF) is pleased to announce its 2012 grantees.

Evgenia Arbugaeva, Tiksi, the Far North
Rena Effendi, Capturing Coptic Life: Egypt Sectarian Struggle
Eric Gottesman, Baalu Girma
Sebastian Liste, The Brazilian Far West
Benjamin Lowy, iLibya: Libya’s Growing Pains
Justin Maxon, Murder That Goes Unsolved and Unheard
Donald Weber, War is Good* 
Paolo Woods, Poor Rich

The 2012 EF photographers were selected because they proposed to report on stories not visible on the media’s map. Working in a range of narrative styles, these photographers demonstrated that they are committed to producing in-depth work that they will distribute to targeted audiences across multiple media platforms.  

2012 Nominators

Mark Murrmann - Photo Editor, Mother Jones
Michael Goldfarb - Media Relations Manager, MSF
Andrei Polikanov – Picture Editor, Russian Reporter
Mary Ann Golan – Independent Photo Editor
Alexa Dilworth – Publishing Director/Editor, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
Yumi Goto – Photo Consultant
James Estrin – Lens Blog Co-Editor/Senior Staff Photographer, New York Times
Dalia Khamissy – Photographer
Arianna Rinaldo – Freelance Photo Consultant and Director of OjodePez magazine
David Alan Harvey – Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member
Steve McCurry - Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member
Jim Goldberg - Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member
Alex Webb - Magnum Photographer, Magnum Foundation Board Member

2012 Editorial Committee

Bob Dannin – former Editorial Director of Magnum Photos, and Professor of History at Suffolk University
Philip Gourevitch – Contributing Writer at New Yorker and former Paris Review Editor
Marc Kusnetz – former Senior Producer of NBC News and Consultant for Human Rights First

Simone Salvo