In 1998, during the height of militancy in Kashmir, India, 23 Hindu Pandits were executed by Muslim gunmen disguised as soldiers. Just a few miles from the site of the killing is a quiet temple, where the annual festival of Kheer Bhawani brings together Muslims and Hindus in the spirit of tolerance and brotherhood. Though religious violence has driven much of the Pandit community out of Kashmir, more than 20,000 Pandits make pilgrimage to the temple each year for Kheer Bhawani and are openly welcomed by the local Muslim community.

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Poulomi Basu is photographer based in New Delhi, India. Poulomi was born and raised in India between Calcutta and Mumbai. She majored in sociology before completing her Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication, where she graduated with distinction. Her work focuses primarily on underreported, contemporary issues relating to gender and identity.