PhotoEx Symposium: In the Age of Data

Following his presentation of “Exposing the Invisible,” Marek Tuszynski was joined by Morgan Hargrave, Katy Scoggin, and Ben Rubin for a panel discussion on big data in journalism, moderated by Stephen Mayes. The group reflected on both the potential positive applications and abuses of data, pointing out that while some citizens can activate change through data, we all need to be aware of how and why our personal data is being tracked and what precautions journalists can take to keep information secure.

Working at the edge of video, tech, and human rights, Morgan Hargrave coordinates WITNESS’s Systems Change work, a set of big-picture tools and advocacy the aims to help tailor the digital landscape to fit the needs of citizen journalists, activists, and human rights witnesses of all stripes.

Co-founder of The Office of Creative Research, media artist, and designer, Ben Rubin works with data, computation, and other techniques to create public art installations. He also designs multimedia environments for performance, radio, and exhibitions.

Katy Scoggin is the producer and cinematographer for the award-winning documentary “CITIZENFOUR.” She is currently directing and shooting a documentary called “Women of a Certain Age,” and writing a feature script called “Flood.”

Panel Discussion with Marek Tuszynski, Morgan Hargrave, Katy Scoggin, and Ben Rubin

Simone Salvo