A partnership with #Dysturb for COP21

Magnum Foundation and #Dysturb joined together to curate 25 images from 17 countries around the world and adhere them to public facing buildings and facades throughout the city of Paris. With generous support from Compton Foundation, this initiative is folding compelling, documentary images into the visual vernacular of climate change — challenging the notions of what climate change imagery looks like and sparking dialogue amongst passersby.


Each pasting also presents a pertinent scientific statistic and a prompt for an SMS interaction to hear the story behind the image directly from the photographer. Deferring to climate experts, Magnum Foundation invited researchers from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies to draw from their work on climate resilience, environmental justice, and urban governance, and to distill their findings into facts to be matched with each image.


Supported by Twilio.org and developed by a team of students and research residents at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU Tisch, the SMS interaction allows viewers to text a key word to a number and then immediately receive a phone call with an audio recording from the photographer. This can also be accessed internationally for anyone looking at the collection online. In unison with informative, scientific facts, we’re committed to leveraging the voices of those with eyes constantly on our world.

The Paris Agreement is new ground for stronger collective action. We’ll be posting these powerful images with the SMS prompts over the coming weeks and hope that you’ll share to #reframeclimate!

Simone Salvo