Boniface Mwangi Named One of 2014's Most Influential Africans

2011 Human Rights Fellow Boniface Mwangi was just named one of the 2014 Most Influential Africans by New African Magazine. Boniface is an exemplar of art for change. After contending with the lack of long-term impact his documentary images were having in newspapers, he sought out other socially minded artists in Kenya to bring about real change. In 2011 Boniface founded PAWA254, an arts organization that now serves as a creative hub for artists, activists, journalists and young people in Kenya, and is the first organization of it’s kind in Africa. “We are a community of artists, and we have raised issues in the country that have never been raised,” he said. “Our short term goal is awareness. Our long term goal is a political solution.”

Simone Salvo