World AIDS Day 2014

Today marks World AIDS Day 2014, the first ever global health day established in 1988. We applaud those working to shed light on the many cultural, scientific and social justice facets of the HIV pandemic.

Photographer Katja Heinemann and health educator Naomi Schegloff are focusing their efforts on AIDS and HIV survivors, capturing the struggles and growing pains of older AIDS and HIV patients and the lack of public health services dedicated to addressing their specific needs. The Graying of AIDS began as a multimedia piece that explored 12 stories about adults living with HIV, and has grown into a global outreach effort, compiling portraits and interviews from 17 countries, with more in progress. A special thanks to both of them for sharing their process with us at the #PhotoEx symposium in October, and for continuing to open the formation of their design strategy to those who use it most as a resource and advocacy platform.


Post by The Graying of AIDS.

Simone Salvo