Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project

“I love voyages. Voyages where the going from one place to the other informs, allows one to go deeper. One day, in May of the year 1958, it became clear to me that to follow the Danube from its source to its end was one of those inevitable voyages.” Inge Morath, Magnum photographer (1923-2002)

This summer, nine past recipients of the annual grant given in the name of renowned Magnum photographer Inge Morath will embark on a journey to retrace her route through Central and Eastern Europe. The participating awardees are: Olivia ArthurLurdes R. BasolíKathryn CookMimi Chakarova, Jessica DimmockClaudia GuadarramaClaire MartinEmily Schiffer and Ami Vitale.

Their project, Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project, is a photographic road trip comprising a traveling exhibition of Morath’s work along the Danube in a 7.5T truck-turned-gallery and collaborative exchanges with local female photographers and organizations along the route. 

Carrying on Inge Morath’s pioneering legacy, the women of Danube Revisited will create original work while supporting the under-represented female voice in documentary photography.


Join the Magnum Foundation in supporting Danube Revisited by backing the campaign on Kickstarter.

Simone Salvo