TOMORROW-Photography Expanded: "The Story of Data: Visualization, Mapping, and Photography"


The Photography, Expanded panel, “The Story of Data: Visualization, Mapping, and Photography,” is tomorrow. We are eager to hear from panelists Paolo Cirio, Jake Price, Harlo Homes, and Derek Watkins as well as moderator Stephen Mayes.


If you’re looking to engage with other photographers and visual storytellers about data visualization, join the Photography, Expanded Facebook group. We’ll be posting a dynamic list of resources for photographers to extend their practice beyond the still image and employ a range of digital strategies.


iCharts is an online resource that enables users to employ spreadsheet data to create a variety of interactive charts. With more than 200 design options, there is ample room for customization.  Resulting charts can be easily embedded on personal websites. 

Simone Salvo