Photo by Abbas Hajimohammadi

Critical Explorations of Local Solutions: What Works

While many of the projects we support through Magnum Foundation’s programming arise from the journalistic instinct to expose and interrogate social injustices, we believe that rigorous explorations of positive responses to social problems are equally essential. In this current climate of increased sectarian conflict and rampant xenophobia, it is imperative to point to instances of people coming together. Critical perspectives on what works locally, in communities around the world, offer points of access for tackling issues of global relevance.

The Magnum Foundation What Works project brings together nine photographers from Iran, Ukraine, Slovenia, Syria, India, Ecuador, China, and the Philippines to explore tolerance through rigorous and creative visual narratives. Collectively, the projects address bridge-building amongst groups that might otherwise be in conflict.

What Works is a collective project created by members of Magnum Foundation’s network of regional photographers.